The Song Amazing Grace: The True Story of its Origin

How is the Divine Mushroom of Immortality involved with Amazing Grace?

Amazing Grace is the most popular song on Earth. It has been sung more times by more people in more languages, than any other song in the history of the planet. It can be heard in churches everywhere on Sunday mornings.

On a recent Sunday, using live streaming on the Internet, several million people in congregations around the world, sang Amazing Grace together. It was said to be the largest number of people who had ever sung together. Another first for Amazing Grace.

A rendition of Amazing Grace by Judy Collins went to the top of the popular music charts in the U.S. in the 1970s. It was the first and only time a spiritual song has done this.

In the 1990s Bill Moyers and Judy Collins produced a one hour television documentary on the astonishing history of Amazing Grace. They correctly stated that Amazing Grace was written by John Newton, the captain of a slave ship on its way to the U.S. with a load of slaves from Africa.

A remarkable and miraculous part of the Amazing Grace story, is that Capt. Newton not only wrote the song down, but he also turned the ship around in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, sailed back to Africa, and set all the captives on board free. He then sailed back to England, returned the ship to the owners, became an evangelist, and started the spread of this most popular song of all time.

The logical and obvious question is, what could possibly have caused this amazing transformation in a slave trader? Capt. Newton was not a musician. What inspired or revealed Amazing Grace?

The answer is to be found in Omotic, the language of the Goddess Isis.

Omotic, like Vedic Sanskrit, is a sacred visionary language that was revealed by the same divine mushroom that revealed the Vedic language in the Himalaya of central Asia.

The word sounds of both Omotic and Vedic are designed in a way that allows the listener to see (en-vision) what the other person is saying. An amazing effect, one might say. The listener does not have to know the language to see the pictures/vision. Omotic is not spoken in public because of this visionary effect.

Omotic is known to be the divine visionary language of Isis. I sees what you mean.

Isis is wearing a red bandana with white spots for the same reason her sister goddess Nepthys is wearing a red dress with spots. The Irish goddess Brigid and the Goddesses of Asia, wear this same red dress with spots. They all represent the same divine healing mushroom.

The mother languages of the planet are all derived from the primal word/sound OM/AUM, that originates at the Sirius star system, Sirius A and B.

Isis’ language is OM-OTIC. Brigid’s language is called OM/OGHAM. Saraswati’s language, Vedic, is derived from OM/AUM. All of these mother tongues are encoded in the DNA of the divine healing mushroom, and radiate from the Sirius star system in fifty separate sounds.

AUM-a-zing grace, how sweet the sound.

The visionary Omotic is spoken by Coptic priests only in private among themselves, while Coptic, its first daughter language, is spoken publicly in services of the Coptic Christian Church.

Omotic could correctly be said to be the mother language of Africa, since many African languages have their root sounds in Omotic.

The Goddess Isis and Her mushroom habitats in the mountainous highlands of Ethiopia, are the origin of this visionary mother language of Africa.

So how does all this relate to Amazing Grace?

The Goddess arranged to have someone be captured and placed aboard Capt. Newton’s ship who knew Omotic, Her visionary language. She arranged that they be chained directly below Capt. Newton’s cabin. In the quiet of the night, as the ship reached the middle of the Atlantic ocean, the person the Goddess had placed below Capt. Newton’s cabin sang Amazing Grace to him in OM-otic/AUM-otic.

When Capt. Newton saw the visions produced by the Goddess’ divine language, he realized that he should not sail people into slavery who understand a language that can make pictures appear in his mind.

Because of the visionary power of the Goddess’ divine speech, Capt. John Newton turned the ship around, sailed back to Africa, and set the captives free.

When its time to ‘turn the ship around’, and you’re down below in chains, the way to gain your captor’s cooperation, is to speak to them in a visionary language that lets them see what you mean.

When you eat the Goddess’ divine mushroom, it not only heals and regenerates you, it also downloads to you the visionary mother tongue of the Goddess.

A brief look at the world around us says its time to take action to turn the condition of spaceship Earth around. Please join us now in the doing of it.

Read our vision to save the planet, and allow us to notify you when the mushroom becomes available for your personal use.