April 19, 2018 

The Wall Street Journal and the Science of God  

The  opinion-editorial, “Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God”  published by the Wall Street Journal on December 25, 2016, on the  scientific proof of God became the most popular article in Wall Street  Journal history.   

The article shows that current science proves  beyond question that the Universe is a design, a creation, and that by  definition, there is a “designer” or a “creator.” It can be called “God”  if you want.  

Fred Hoyle, The astronomer who coined the term  “big bang,” said “the scientific facts put this conclusion (the  existence of a creator) beyond question.” 

The article states:   “The fine-tuning necessary for life to exist on a planet is nothing  compared with the fine-tuning required for the universe to exist at all.  If the ratio between the nuclear strong force and the electromagnetic  force had been off by even one part in 100,000,000,000,000,000---then no  stars could have ever formed at all. " 

"Multiply that single  parameter by all the other necessary conditions, and the odds against  the universe existing are so astronomical that the notion that it all  just happened defies common sense.” 

Oxford professor Dr. John  Lennox said “the more we know about the universe, the more certain it  becomes that a ‘creator’ is the only explanation of why we are here.”  

The  amazing popularity of this article shows that the scientific proof of God has a lot of “currency” at this point in time. The next level of  value is in knowing the identity of the living God who created us, and our purpose in the creation. 


The Big Bang: How God did it with Sound 

The Sirius star system, Sirius A and B, is the origin of the creation.  Sirius A and B is the first binary star system to be discovered. Sirius A is the brightest star in the sky and Sirius B is the brightest X-ray source in the sky. 

Their orbits produce both a sound and tone.

Quantum physics tells us that vibration (sound) is the essence of all forms in the creation. Sound equals Form. 

In  the beginning, the mass of the entire creation was contained in one  Primal Star. This Star is sometimes referred to as the Singularity. 

Even  though it contained the mass of the entire cosmos, the Primal Star seemed infinitely small in relation to the boundless space around it. It was the “singularity” of physics. 

This Primal Star was undivided awareness and consciousness. 

Love  was the motivation that caused the first movement at the center of the plasma of  the Primordial Star. God is love. 

The human being was the ultimate purpose of the creation, and the rest of the universe exists to support this highest intent of the creator. 

The sphere that now exists as Sirius B began to spin at 23  revolutions per minute to resonate with the 23 chromosomes of human DNA.  

The  spinning mass of Sirius B generated the first sound as it moved into  its elliptical orbit at the center of the Primal Star. Without movement  there is no sound. Sirius B continues to spin at 23 rpm.  

The "Word of God" that was/is at the origin of the creation is AUM, and originates at the Sirius system. 

This first sound in the creation is the first sound of AUM, the A, and is said like the “a” in aha, in the tone F. This first movement and its sound continue to exist as Sirius B and its elliptical orbit.

The counter-point, or counter spin, of Sirius B’s first orbital movement now exists as Sirius A and it’s elliptical orbit, and generates the second sound in AUM, the U, said like the “u” in tune, in the tone F#.

The third sound in AUM, the nasalated M in the tone G, is generated by the double helical spiral vortex that slowly extended to the top and bottom of the Primal Star from the orbits of Sirius A and B at the center.

This primal vortex is historically referred to as the Axis of the Universe, or Hamlet’s Mill, which generated the universe.

This primal double helix generated by the orbits of Sirius A and Sirius B slowly extended from the center to the top and bottom of the Primal Star, and caused countless smaller vortices to form that would become the galaxies, stars, and planetary systems of the universe.

When the internal vortex motion and the resulting sound generated by AUM and the F, F#, G, tritone of the orbits of Sirius A and B at the center, reached full resonance, the Primal Star suddenly expanded into the infinite detail of the created universe, in the event known as the Big Bang.

The infinite overtone/undertone structure of the F, F#, G, tritone provided the unlimited fractal encodement capability required for the creation of the infinite detail of the cosmos, including planetary biospheres and the DNA-based creatures that occupy them. 

Wow, a sound that could encode the entire creation with plenty of room left over!

AUM is the fractal sound formula for the entire creation. It is the Mandelbrot Set of sound, or to put it more correctly, AUM is the transposed sound of the Mandelbrot Set of Fractal Geometry. 

In Arthur C. Clark’s documentary about the Mandelbrot Set, The Colors of Infinity, Dr. Michael Barnsley says “It’s just like the DNA,” and Dr. Ian Stewart says “Some people actually call it the thumbprint of God.”

The alchemists called this three part sound (AUM in the F, F#, G, tritone) the “quintessence,” and said that this tritone accompanies all creative processes, including the creation of the universe. 

They are correct. AUM is the quintessential creative sound. If it was anything less, it would not qualify as the “Word of God” that “ordered” the Big Bang. 

The Catholic Church officially banned this tritone, calling it “diablos in musica” the “devil in music.” This is probably because the F, F#, G tritone is used by countless people around the world every day in meditation when saying the AUM. 


Where else does this F, F#, G tritone appear in science and history? 

In  biological science, the creative F, F#, G, tritone occurs at cell  division (mitosis), when the DNA makes the next cell and programs it  sonically what to be and do.   

From the single DNA molecule we  all once were, our entire organism has unfolded by way of this F, F#, G,  tritone.  

All DNA based creatures, humans, animals, and plants are  simply variations in the overtone/undertone structure of this tritone. 

This  tritone also accompanies photosynthesis, when light becomes living  matter (to feed the DNA based creatures). “The F, F#, G forms the key  tension in the nitrogen atom during photosynthesis when sunlight is  transformed into chlorophyll, into living green. From sunshine grows living matter. The word made flesh.”   From Nada Brahma: The World is Sound: Music and the Landscape of Consciousness, P. 70  

The Identity of the Living Creator God 

A divine mushroom is the oldest living thing on the earth and created the biosphere and its creatures.  

A  recent article in Scientific American reported:  “The fossil remnants of a mushroom/fungus originally called ‘Tortotubus’ has the distinction  of being the oldest land dwelling organism on the earth (445 million  years ago), and its remains are found over the entire globe.” 


"By building up deeper more stable soils,  ‘Tortotubus’ (whose true identity is Amanita divina, a red-brown primal  strain of Amanita muscaria with a sweet smell and taste) was then able  to create larger more complex green plants to quite literately take  root, in turn providing a food source for animals and allowing the  establishment of terrestrial ecosystems.”  A living creator god! 

The article continued, “By the time the living creative mushroom withdrew to its current remote and beautiful habitats (mostly alpine), the first trees and forests had come into existence. 

This humble  subterranean fungus steadfastly performed its soil and plant creation  service for some 70 million years, as life on land transformed from  simple crusty green films to a rich ecosystem that wouldn’t look out of  place in a tropical greenhouse today”.  

The underground bodies of  mushrooms, called the ‘thallus,’ are the oldest and most massive living  things on the earth. They are also immortal. They sometimes cover  thousands of hectares, or in the beginning, covered the entire earth, as  the Scientific American article reported.  

Any size DNA based  creature can emerge from one of these gigantic underground bodies  without a problem. 

The book of Genesis in the Bible says that humans and  the other animals came “out of the ground.”  Mushroom bodies are the  origin of the creative process. Regions within the underground “wombs”  of the thallus can operate at 98.6 if a pair of humans is wanted.  

The  Biblical “Garden of Eden” is at the springs of the rivers Tigris, Euphrates, Pison (now Halys), and Gihon (now Aras), in eastern Turkey.  

The blood-red primal amanita mushroom is the “fruit of the tree of  life,” and lives at the springs of these rivers beneath groves of white  Birch trees. 

Another of these ‘points of creation’ is located at  Mt. Brandon, Ireland, (the westernmost point of the Eurasian continent)  and is called Tir Nanog, “the place of the forever young.”  Tir Nanog is  the “Garden of Eden” of the Irish people.   

The Irish mythology  says a goddess in a red dress with white spots, Brigid, (meaning Bride)  lives at Tir Nanog in a grove of twenty white birch trees, to match the  twenty sounds in her language Oghm (aum/om).  Birch is symbiotic with the divine mushroom. It is the “tree of  life.”

She gives those who come  to her a pair of red mushrooms with white spots (just like her  dress). She represents the divine mushroom that heals and immortalizes  them.  

The gene that gives stem cells their pluripotentcy  (sometimes called the ‘immortality gene’) was discovered by Dr. Ian  Chambers at Edinburg 

University. He named it the Nanog gene,  after Tir Nanog, one of the habitats of the divine mushroom that  activates this gene. Immortality is designed into our DNA.  

Dr. Francis Collins, the director of the Human Genome Project, called our DNA “The Language of God.” 

The  Greek mythology called this sweet-smelling, sweet-tasting mushroom  “ambrosia” and its juice “nectar.” It is the origin of the immortality  of the Greek gods and goddesses.  

The ancient Vedic people called  the mushroom “Soma.”  The book Soma: Divine Mushroom of Immortality, by  R.G. Wasson appeared in 1968 and presented undeniable evidence that a  red mushroom with white spots was/is the living god that revealed the  Rig Veda to those who consumed it.  

The pictures he showed were  of the ordinary Amanita muscaria. The divine sacrament, Amanita divina, a  darker blood-red strain of Amanita with a sweet smell and taste had not  yet been discovered.  

The ancient Egyptians called this mushroom  “Sirius star medicine” and said it resonated with energy radiating from  the star Sirius, and had the ability to transform their bodies into a  higher immortal form.  

The mushroom’s DNA is precisely tuned to  the F, F#, G tritone radiating from Sirius, and activates the “nanog”  gene in the person who eats the mushroom or drinks its juice. Welcome to  immortality and eternity.  

The ancient Egyptians said the truth  about this sacred mushroom would be revealed again in the future, that’s  now, and those willing to consume it would stay forever young and  become immortal, that’s us. We will certainly do better long-term  planning, and take care of the beautiful and abundant earth.  

Jesus  said the (scientific) Truth would set us free. There’s nothing to believe, our health and well-being is in God’s design, our DNA. We just have to activate it with a divine sacrament. 

What can we do now? 

We trust that you appreciate the scientific and historical basis of this information concerning God and  the creation. We hope that you see the common benefit that will result  from making this healing mushroom available again in the near future. At  this time we need to immediately raise one million dollars in working  capital to complete the project. Please make a donation to support this  work and we will keep you updated. Thank you

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